Let’s make schools a place of LOVE, JOY, and HEALING!

High School Students and Teacher

Teachers are burning out, students are acting out.

How can you support them all and create classroom and school culture that brings everyone together in love, joy, and healing? Do you believe it’s possible?

Imagine with me. Teachers have the tools to truly take care of themselves so that they can show up each day as their whole selves. Classroom communities are co-created with respect. The wellness of everyone is truly valued and held above all else.

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How I Can Help

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Student Well-Being

A course for students to feel empowered to dream big and shape their lives. To care for themselves and each other, igniting curiosity and empathy, and calming behaviors.

Business Man Supervising

School Coaching and Consulting

Customized plans to help shift school and classroom culture to support well-being for all

Human resources

Teacher Coaching and Consulting

Radical support and community for teachers who want to center LOVE, JOY, and HEALING.

About Me

I’m Erika, and I’ve got your back. I am on the outside, but have been in your shoes, and have helped others just like you. With 18 years of teaching experience, I can reflect back to you what’s working, and what’s holding you back, as well as support you with new ideas for improvement and how to implement them. I can see the forest when you’re stuck in the trees and remind you how beautiful it is.

Teaching is way more complex than others understand because there is so much emotional and relational energy required as well. Our nervous systems are constantly interacting with others, for better or worse. With my experience with yoga and Healing Centered Engagement, I can hold space for you to reflect and learn more about how everything you bring to the table interacts with your students, and how to make that more harmonious.

Hear what others have to say

You don't realize how important it is to reflect on your teaching and your ups and downs until you actually do it. Being given the platform to really look back on what I have done over the course of a couple weeks really helps me realize what worked, what didn't work and how I felt during it.

Patrick Conway

Erika isn’t sugar coating the very real challenges that many teachers are facing, but she is also firmly rooted in the belief that teachers can and should take time to reflect and recharge. She inspired me to reconsider the ways I approach caring for my own well-being during the school year.

Amy Trujillo

Erika brings an expert teaching lens and shares her own resources from her work as a teacher, which was particularly helpful to me as a current classroom teacher. She didn't overwhelm me with ideas at any point, instead trickling more to me throughout our work as I indicated my preferences.

Kate Carter

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Having Erika's experience, ideas, and resources in my arsenal really made planning feel more comprehensive and complete. Having the opportunity to implement the action items we talked through was so beneficial to my students.

Alexzaundreya Cotton

Morty is a voice in the world of teaching that is desperately needed in today's educational landscape.

Patrick Moeschen

Being able to talk about our struggles in the classroom with others who may be having similar struggles has been very beneficial. It allows us to make better decisions when it comes to the proper and most effective ways to discipline. Also, providing resources that we may otherwise not have known about or didn't have access to really helped too.

Sheleach Mitchell Brown

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